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Originally Posted by rsmallwo View Post
Damn cars got the dpf alert

Just seen the vid 335DEE posted and whilst the noise was good, the smoke was not good!

Anyone got a dpf the want to sell me?
Well, my indy has just done a forced regen on my car and its all fine now. We actually spent 2 hrs together going through all sorts of road tests etc. He explained that on my build of car the max pressure in one of the settings is 250. Mine was registering 400 at full throttle, hence the alert been thrown. He reports that on later model cars bmw set this limit to 500. He states to fix mine on a more perminant basis he needs to update the ecu to this new limit but it might remove my remap. Remap aside, he reports that this method has not resulted in any dpf's coming back after the forced regen (so long as the 500 limit is in place). He's done this for lots of customers and has NEVER had to replace a dpf on a car. He looks after some cars and there on 200k with the originall dpf.

I'll report back on my experience to see if this is all too good to be true or not.