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Originally Posted by NJ1 View Post
Can anyone confirm whether autocouture motoring will do a JB4 install on a 135i?

Also should I just stop being a wimp and install it myself? I just don't want to break anything. The most experience I've had is just stupid stuff like replacing light bulbs removing grills and things of that nature. I don't think I'm inept just cautious. Any help would be great.

Sent you also a PM, come out to the Central NJ Lunch and Learn this Sunday and we can help you install it for free (Very easy to do) and you can also do the rear fog light lego mod too.

You will have a fun time meeting fellow e9x'ers in the community and have a great time installing the parts yourself for more satisfaction (plus when you do it yourself, you also learn how to remove it in the future should you ever want to).

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