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Originally Posted by NJ1 View Post
I'd like to come out this sunday and learn but don't think I'll be able to get hold of a JB4 that quickly (unless someone knows something I don't). Still might come out anyway
This is not exclusive to BMW's and you don't have to be modding your car to come out. It's really just about having a fun time and helping/learning about cars in general. I have an e90 335xi, a Nissan Frontier, and '92 Eclipse GSX (I do mods on all of them because its fun). So come out and learn about cars, make some friends, and when you are ready to do your own projects we will be here to help you

When I was a kid just starting out, I wish someone was around to show me the ropes coupled with how to do things safely (personal safety and vehicle safety). Now that I'm older, wiser, and have some time... I'd like to take the initiative to do that for the next generation. I'm not about to do some hard core servicing of a vehicle, that's for folks who have lifts... but for simple mods which just require a little time/patience/simple tools... that is what I am after. Things that can be done in an open parking lot type stuff and nothing which would leave you stranded or brick your car (They have vendors on these forums who do that stuff for a living... they are pros for those things and I'll leave it to them).

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