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Originally Posted by Jamesons Viggen View Post
There is real life, then there is reading magazines.

If I lived my life by mag reviews, I would have bought a FRS/BRZ. How many are excited about that car by what they many drove one.

I went right out-and drove one. Instead of financing an F30, I could have saved myself a car payment and bought one. I grew up on Mk1 and Mk2 Sciroccos, S13 240SX and a first gen CRX SI, I am all about simple, light, sporty cars. This was going to be the return!

Guess what, it left me cold. It had plenty going for it, but I just knew that version 2 or an update to the car in a couple of years was going to remind me how bad somethings were missing from me being an early adopter.

You bring up the IS, which it's true. Lexus got smart and cared more about driving this time around.

So we have seen two tests:

1) IS350 vs MSport 335=335 loses by a point. It's posted everywhere on the forums and people use it to prove their point
2) IS250 vs MSport 328=328 handily wins. It's pretty quiet. Why? Because the 328 is a 4 cylinder and although it has closed much of the gap that existed between the E90 N52 and n55, it opened up the chasm that it's a 4 cylinder and does not belong.

So we want to turn our shoulder to BMW and look more to Lexus now. But BMW can still slay the challenger but that is not as news worthy. So lets have you guys line up and buy all those automatic predator looking IS250/350's because of that first test loss. I bet they won't run out and buy N20 328s for beating the IS250 because an 4 cylinder has no right to be in a BMW 3 series. So it's a lose-lose.
Whoa, no need to get so defensive. I never said the IS is currently better than an F30 or that I was gonna run out and buy a Lexus. I tried to address Lexus' flaws by mentioning their outdated engines.

I'm just saying that in the future, simple driver oriented cars probably will exist but won't come from BMW or other automakers we're used to seeing.

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