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Originally Posted by i dunno View Post
Whoa, no need to get so defensive. I never said the IS is currently better than an F30 or that I was gonna run out and buy a Lexus. I tried to address Lexus' flaws by mentioning their outdated engines.

I'm just saying that in the future, simple driver oriented cars probably will exist but won't come from BMW or other automakers we're used to seeing.
My tone is not reading to me as defensive, sorry if you are reading it that way.

I am coming from making similar replies to E90 vs F30 threads on both boards as there is one going on in the general F30 section right now and that Lexus issue was brought up a few times lol.

Re-Read my last reply, take out anything that is coming across as defensive-it is not intended, the info is still there.

I somewhat agree with your last statement.

In the future, driver oriented cars might come from places we might not expect such as, watch out for Hyundai. Their first at bat with the RWD Gene Coupe is pretty solid. Who knows what 5-10 years will bring. But like I said, I am a glass half full guy, so I don't see BMW abandoning what it does well and wont offer an M3 that drives like a GTR.

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