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Originally Posted by Casca View Post

I use Castro 0w30 long life approved. I usually buy for 3 oil changes worth whenever there is a good sale on it and look to restock when I am down to one oil change worth and of course when it is on sale.
I just picked up 14 bottles of the Castro GC 0w30 for $6.89/L. I did my first oil change at 15,000kms and the oil seems like it was still good. Not sure if the color makes a difference but I'm assuming the more black it is the sooner you should have it changed. I think I'm going to try and do 17,000-20,000km next and see how it is. I still have enough for 3 more oil changes after I stocked up a few days ago.

For all you Canadians I got it from Canadian Tire. They are on sale for $6.89/L until Thursday I believe.