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Here's a quick timeline on my situation

1. Toothache, identified that cavity is "too large", so "root canal" needed.
2. Root canal procedure takes place in the next couple days
A. Painful process
B. Pain does not go away in couple days
C. Obtains prescription for amoxicillin and 5MG Hydrocodone / 500MG Acetaminophen
D. Still painful and report back to general dentist; referred to endodontist for improved accuracy in tooling
E. Endo Identifies "hidden" canal, consults, and executes honing process
F. Applies temporary filling, filling drops in couple days, reapplied temp filling and wait 2 weeks
G. Gets another root canal performed with "precision" xrays and "finer" tools with "exceptional" endo experience.
H. Breaks a tool in the process and is lodged in a canal
I. Process complete, still painful, but it appears to be "gum" related.
3. Goes back to general dentist
J. Xrays performed
K. Installs temporary cap and was told to come back in a week
L. Impression of tooth molded and was told to come back in a week
M. Remove temp cap, permanently installs impression, files to fit bite
N. Complained about pain in the next 3-5 days and was told it's normal
O. I've been dealing with "tolerable" pain for almost a year.

I haven't dare set foot to the dentist since, but I may have to this quarter. $2,700 later, double dental insurance coverage, I am almost ready to visit.

Any thoughts?
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