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Originally Posted by Mark M View Post
Actually it has me skeptical. His pics indicate he has a Euro 335d with substantial mods and is hitting 5.4 sec 0 to 60.

Makes me wonder how others with US spec cars and only a JBD are hitting claimed numbers of 5.7 sec or better? Then again, the amount of variables in such a test are huge.
well, I think the 5.4 is maybe slow, not that the 5.7 is fast. I dont beleive TDIwyse is making more power than Hipek (if he is it wont be much, but I expect its actually less) but he ran 12.6s 1/4 mile as compared to the 13.6 in the reading from Hipek. The 12.6 was with drag radials so call it 13.0 on street tires (the 60' wasnt anything really special), thats still over a half second, so either Hipek wasnt making all of the 370/730 listed, didnt have good traction, or the racepak is not accurate. I dont think the 5.7 is fast at all, car and driver posted 5.7s 0-60 and 14.2 1/4 mile, neither of which do I think are the limit for a stock D. Ill never get to test it but I expect a good brake boost in 2nd gear will get 5.5 or better and under 14s 1/4 mile