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Originally Posted by Hoooper View Post
well, I think the 5.4 is maybe slow, not that the 5.7 is fast. I dont beleive TDIwyse is making more power than Hipek (if he is it wont be much, but I expect its actually less) but he ran 12.6s 1/4 mile as compared to the 13.6 in the reading from Hipek. The 12.6 was with drag radials so call it 13.0 on street tires (the 60' wasnt anything really special), thats still over a half second, so either Hipek wasnt making all of the 370/730 listed, didnt have good traction, or the racepak is not accurate. I dont think the 5.7 is fast at all, car and driver posted 5.7s 0-60 and 14.2 1/4 mile, neither of which do I think are the limit for a stock D. Ill never get to test it but I expect a good brake boost in 2nd gear will get 5.5 or better and under 14s 1/4 mile

Well, first off, all dyno's are an approximation. Comparing one dyno to another isn't a valid predictor of who's car is making the most power. Multiple cars on the same dyno is a good comparison, however. For example, same car, same day, multiple dyno's, different #'s.

Here's some data I posted awhile back showing some Gtech 0-60 launch technic testing. Starting in 2nd worked best for me. <4.5 sec 0-60 with slicks, just over 4.6 sec with Mich Pilot Super Sports.

Drag slicks help with the 0-60 ft times, but have little impact on trap speeds. I'd say based on my testing the drag slicks gave me ~0.1 sec better 0-60 ft times, so probably ~0.1 sec help on the 1/4 mile.

12.65 ET on the 1/4 at a less than desirable DA of 2168 ft. And with all my emission components and stock LSD/intercooler in place.

Trap speeds are very well related to HP (ET's can be a function of launch capability) and the 109.7 mph I've demonstrated on a real qualified track is the highest I've seen for the 335d.

This guys claims a 410hp tune on his 335d but barely broke into the 12's.

I think a lot of high hp claims come from over inflated dyno results, so I put little stock in them. I mean really, would you rather make a big # on a straped down roller, or have a fast car on the pavement?

That last bit will likely stir the pot ... I'll put on my asbestos underwear now :-)