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I agree with all that. Another thing I didnt really think of before that post is that a lot of the UK/europe dynos are supposedly taken and converted to crank HP where as the US dynos are typically wheel HP. The problem with crank HP is that, as far as I know, nobody knows what the actual drivetrain loss is with our cars, and ive seen numbers like 18%, 20% and similar thrown around which IMO is too high. 20% for an automatic was somewhat accurate (anecdotal) up until maybe early 2000s, but the fuel price crunch has given us much more efficient transmissions, fluids, etc and if I were one to convert WHP to crank HP id likely use 15-16%. That 410 HP dyno could very well be more like 325 whp on an inflated dyno...nothing really special if you ask me considering that some guys with just JBD are posting numbers over 300.