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Originally Posted by quasitime View Post
Do you know if they did the OBDII only test? Or did they also do a sniff test. Also interesting that you passed missing a set of cats - is this pretty expected? I have my secondary cats in but thought I would fail sniff with that.
It depends on the car, and the heat that the cats are at. I actually passed with a Bassani X-pipe in my 600hp built engine, ported heads, cams ect... In California with the sniffer. Although it was near the limit i still passed. I drove the car for 30 mins to let it heat up and took it in.

I could see a 335i passing with 2 cats the same way i did. It would be higher than normal, but should still pass the sniffer especially since its a smaller engine (less pollution i would think?).

It really just depends on how effective the cats are. If there 2 stock cats your fine, if there two high flow cats like i had its a question on how how well they work.