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Originally Posted by Spensaur View Post
So glad I recently just passed... My issue is that I had my secondary cats removed.

They used the sniffer and my car was near the limit on the 15mph test but I was good on the 25mpg one. After everything, then the place noticed that I removed both secondary cats and failed me... However, the guy was nice and just put that I failed due to my injen intake (which was carb legal)

I took it to a second place and said everything checked out except for the intake. All they did was recheck the intake and run the sniffer again. Didn't check the cats or anything else because the first place passed all of it.

Whew, I'm good until they roll out the OBD smog test
Thats good to hear! When i took my car into the shop i just lied and said the exhaust was stock. The guy had no idea what Roush Mustangs came with so he just went with it lol.

They should do the visual first, then run the test. I'm surprised the shop did it the other way. As for you 15mph barley passing, it might be that your cats weren't fully warm and by the time you got to the 25mph they were...

Either way you now have 2 years of enjoyment lol.

On the bmw, i take it the first 2 and the last 2 cats are on different pieces? Is the last 2 on the H-pipe and the first two on the down-pipe?

I have no problem removing 2 cats, just dont want to remove all 4 while im still in CA. We have stupid road side smog tests. Cant wait to move to florida next year.