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Originally Posted by davyk31 View Post
Getting that deal from a main dealer makes it even better!

Is M3 FST's a pre facelift or the updated model, I assume its pre facelift hence the lower price.
Makes no difference who the lease is with, the car will always be supplied via a franchised dealer or direct from BMW UK.

Facelift? The deals are on new build cars, so they will be the latest model of course.

Last month (june) was awash with fantastic run out M3 deals, I was tempted by some for 349+VAT per month, but only convertibles were left and we needed more room.

So we got an E63 AMG Estate instead...... 471+VAT/m

Originally Posted by Boz335i View Post
Very tempting to go for the M3 deal.

What's the best way to do it, privately or put it through my wife's company?
There is no way to go company on a high BIK car like this, you just have to pay it yourself. Take more dividends from the company to cover it or whatever.

We just upped our dividends to pay for the new E63.

If your wife already draws up to the tax free limit then she'll have to pay an effective rate of 22.5% income tax on the extra dividend, but that's still better than most pays on their wages anyway, and no National Insurance to pay either on dividends.

If the company pays for it, then it's a company car and you'll be shafted big time.
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