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Originally Posted by Vaheed1 View Post
I'm not sure how the extra allowance of miles works. If BMW want the car back with 8k in the clock, then doesn't that mean they have a set value of the car to offer back to the AUC market? Doing an extra 2,000 miles might make a bigger impact to the depreciation than just 400? There might be more severe penalties for breaking the contract?
Excess mileage is not 'breaking the contract' its a flexible feature of the contract.

Check the stated excess mileage rates, its often cheaper to get a lower mileage lease and pay excess mileage.

Our E63 is on 10Kpa, but the XS mileage is only 9p/m, so even if we did 15kpa (10k extra over the 2 years) it would only cost 900+vat extra.

Thats 45 / month, but if you put 15kpa in the lease-deal calculator it goes up over 100 / month!!

Originally Posted by jimmylimmy View Post
8000 is way too low - if you use it Mon - Fri, you better work less than 15 miles from home!

I imagine the penalties for going 6-7k over would be huge
Agree, it needs to suit your situation, Paul M3 FST does live about 2 miles from work (round trip), I have a van for work, so that keeps my car miles down.

Not so the 'penalties', as above only 1k if we busted the mileage by 50% and did an exta 10,000miles on our new E63, which lists at 75K basic

Originally Posted by davyk31 View Post
Not being an expert on an M5 are there any extras that need added or is it already well specced.

Still about 17500 for 2 years motoring but strangely tempting.
The M5 is poorly specced TBH. I figured a lease deal on one and it doesn't even come with heated seats or comfort access FFS! Any options are charged for 100% on the lease, so its very pricey to add them.

The E63 has everything standard, full nappa leather, stitched leather dash, 14-speaker logic 7 harmon kardon, keyless go, full auto parking, power boot, full LED headlamps, variable dampers blah blah.

I just added black wheels with diamond cut rim and privacy glass.
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