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Wheel Calculator Question

I have been using the wheel calculator up top^

For a "square" setup, they say do not go more than 1% difference or 0.5% difference. ***1st question is that one percent difference that is displayed in the box? or is that 1% difference to the front wheels? EXAMPLE: Calculate the front at 0.906% difference and the rears at 0.20% difference -++- Front to rear that would be 0.062%... BUT they both are over 1% from ORIGINAL if you add them... are they separate calculations?***

My question and sorry if I am over analyzing it...

My stocks are the P225/45/R17 8inch wide +34
looks like this below...

Lets say I want to run the following...

19x8.5 ~ 225/35/R19 ===+=== 0.906% New Tires Dia: 25.2
19x10 ~ 255/30/R19 ===+=== 0.205% New Tires Dia: 25.02

OR difference of % change NEW from front to rear is 0.712%.... (which is below 1%)

I am WAY over analyzing I have heard how important it is to run a square setup...

Little help!

Or can someone give me a /