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Originally Posted by fordperf View Post
Excellent, I love hi-res pics!

I am running bone stock, and replacing my plugs is coming up soon. Should I bother with the 5992 or just buy the Bosch again? I've always bought NGK on all my cars and was most satisfied. I read the horror stories on here about people putting in the 5992's and having MORE problems, but I mean they're plugs.. if you didnt gap them correctly then maybe, but really, how can they screw anything up?
If theyre gapped properly they wont cause any issues, like you said its "just" plugs. But the benefits are pretty modest on stock turbos, going a step colder really helps the upgraded turbo folks. If youre making alot of power on stockers (fbo+meth+e85 type power) then it would make some sense.