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Originally Posted by Arkansas3
do you have a 286 computer? do you still run windows 3.11? do you never update your technology? my 286 computer still works fine, but man, i really like my pentium 4 a lot loads a WHOLE lot faster.

or, to use, an apple analogy (if you swing that way): are you still using an Apple //e? I gave my Apple //e to my nephew 10 years ago and he still plays games on it. Good thing his parents haven't mentioned XBOX 360 to him yet...
it's not the same.
I'm agree with you when there are some bugs to fix, but we are talking about a car: when all runs ok and problems are solved, new features maybe can be added, but not every month...
CIP 20 was released 5 days ago: no one knows effectively what feature are added and what bugs are fixed, and someone talk about 21, 22, 23 and so one....
I hope you'll pay every unuseful sw upgrade: I'm sure you will stop and start to drive your car.
Apple II E and 286? 20 and 15 years ago.
CIP 20? 5 days ago.
Sorry, it's ridicolous.