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Originally Posted by Dracon View Post
GPS and SDARS connections are in the trunk.

Cars that come factory with a navigation unit installed have the GPS signal run to the headunit. If you don't have Navigation from the factory, the GPS signal runs to the trunk to feed the TCU (if installed) for BMW Assist. So BMW knows the vehicle location for Assist services (if Navigation is installed, BMW Assist uses the GPS location in the Navigation unit).

Pre-2010 models used a standalone SDARS module mounted in the trunk (left hand side, TCU is on the right). After 2010 SDARS was integrated into the headunit/navigation system.

Basically, you'll need to run extension cables for SDARS and GPS from the trunk to behind the new CIC. If you have the standalone SDARS unit installed, you'll need to remove it from the MOST loop and remove the unit (you can't just unplug it and remove it, you *MUST* reconfigure the fibre optic loop or install a dummy plug).

You may want to consider creating a new thread with your new adventure in installing the CIC. It'll help keep BimmerRetrofits thread on topic (since I would presume they provide installation assistance to customer who pruchased their products and services) and also give better visibility to your questions to the general community.
This is going to be a very interesting and promising adventure: the wealth of information available on this site will make my adventure a sucess (starting with Booster's instructional info and all those who contribute). I have come to understand what Booster meant by "these cars are literal technological masterpieces" and I'm proud to own one.

I will create, as you suggest, a new thread. Did not mean to take away from Bimmer Retrofit.