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Originally Posted by CL9EAN
I am interested... but can I dare to ask why anyone would buy from you at full price vs. Just ordering from the product vendor?
1. I just listed the current prices from the vendors' websites and said I was hoping to get what I paid for them. By all means please make a counter offer. I'm trying to avoid folks offering low $ for something that's never been used.

2. Especially in the case of the DPs, and if that someone was local, they could swing by and pick them up. Just like if they came straight from the vendor, but no waiting

3. Obviously VRSF has free shipping on the DPs, but with the JB4 there wouldn't be any shipping if a local were to pick up. Also no tax with me.

Lastly, go ahead and make an offer. Cant hurt. Maybe I'd be willing to let something go for a little less than vendor prices, especially if someone could pick up locally. I have to start somewhere.

Thanks for looking.