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Originally Posted by N8N View Post
The trunk light I believe you can get a LED light assembly from BMW as an accessory. Don't know if there is an "official" retro for the glovebox or not, but the bulb is a C5W aka 6418. (I just pulled mine today because the Osram/Sylvania online catalog has some errors and I was making my own bulb chart for my own convenience in the future and to help the community)

Personally I don't go nuts for LED bulb retrofits but the one thing that I did do was to replace the map lights with red LEDs so if a passenger wanted to read at night they could without destroying my night vision. I didn't touch the orange/red little ambient lights though.

If there were a LED bulb retro that would fit in place of the map lights that would match the ambient lights in color, I'd go for it - but the pure red is acceptable functionally.

Edit: yes, the p/n for the BMW LED trunk light is 63312348803. However no listing at getbmwparts - it may have been discontinued?
interesting, Thanks for the part no, will ask my dealer if it will fit the e90 lci.