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Originally Posted by MAN15H View Post
Hi, My car got the engine fault light and reduced power on Saturday.I was driving from Peterborough to Milton Keynes at standard speeds as I had the whole family in the car but with the aircon on all the way. Just as I got into MK, doing about 30 - 40mph at that point, the light came on and the power got cut...

I noticed that the temp gauge was reading 120 C.

As soon as I stopped and turned the car off and then back on the code cleared and the power was ok again but cant understand why it did it in the first place.

As mentioned before by Yoro35i if I get a better intercooler that should help reduce the temps right ..?

Also the BMS Low Temp Thermostat mentioned by phil200tdi appears to only be for 2007 cars onwards according to the website so will this fit my Nov 2006 335i..? and is it worth me getting that..?

My car has a JB4 and K&N panel filter but thats it as far as modifications go.

As mentioned in earlier posts, 120C is perfectly normally. The limp mode was most likely caused by something else.