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Burger Tuning Low Temperature Thermostat

So first time post here as well as first time BMW owner. Bought a 2008 335i Coupe back on June 8th this year.
Anyways as I looking into mods and performance upgrades mainly the Burgertuning CAI, I came across this upgrade, so I thought I'd go ahead and let people know and wanted to set up the opportunity for people to post their experiences about the product. It's a Low Temperature Thermostat.

I emailed the guys at Burger Tuning to get a little more information on the product and this is what he said....

"The low temp thermostat will lower temps about 20-40 degree's on average. The turbo motors run hot by nature and the temp reductions are a welcome change to the motor. We have not done direct dyno testing with the thermostat as the variable but as you know cooler temps mean more power so you can expect to pick up some ponies on the upgrade.
The thermostat basically will leave the cooling mode open all the time which is no harm to the motor at all. The only difference you will notice as far as drive-ability is the car will take about an extra 2 minutes or about a mile of driving for the motor to get to warmer operating temps. So you just want to keep from stomping on it while cold, which is a general rule anyway."

Any viewers of this who have knowledge about how this works and what not feel free to add to the description of what exactly this does. I'll be talking to the people at BMS to see when exactly they'll get the Dyno test and results for it and will update asap.
Here's the Link: