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Originally Posted by Ilma View Post do you know?

I only ask because I noticed a bit of fluid dripping from under the oil filter housing and I suspect the bypass pin may have been preventing a tight seal on the thermostat housing.

The last half inch was a tight fit ......... and I am not boasting about my manhood here.

Once the bolts were tight, the two surfaces appeared to be flush and I do not see any oil dripping from the thermostat housing, so I may just have a leak at the oil filter housing gasket coincidentally.
It was probably 4 months ago I did this.The bolt that connects the cooler to the filter housing had never been moved in 4 years, so when I took it out it pulled along a little metal and crap with it. It didn't thread perfectly and the last 1/100 of an inch didn't thread, I figured and turned the motor over. Maybe 3 seconds of the motor actually running, it vomited out nearly 3 quarts of oil. Obviously it was shut down asap, oil was drained and a new fill was done. That, and alot of degreaser and cleaning in the engine bay. I was
Originally Posted by hatton View Post
Just wondering where you guys are located that are using this mod. I'm in Indiana and Iowa so the winters get pretty cold up here and wondered if this mod would provide any problems with performance if it will take the engine longer to heat up in say -10F weather.
Yank it out in the winter.
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