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Originally Posted by DUI Elite
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I personally don't know why folks insist on taking this out. Are you that desperate in trying to squeeze out 0.2hp? Accept the car/motor for what it is and enjoy it. I'm not against modding, but certain mods just don't seem worth it. And for those who "swear" by it, show me a dyno with baseline or how many tenths it shaved off your 1/4 mile.
It improves throttle response on a car that has high miles (i.e. dirty charcoal filter). I have personally noticed that it feels less laggy.

I don't think anyone is doing it with claims of gaining any real power. If they
I did this mod several weeks ago since I had to open the airbox anyways. I know there's no significant HP gains but did notice better throttle response and my mpg improved by almost 2 mpg (mixed city/hwy). Again this was my personal experience in San Diego, maybe results differ based on factors related to location?
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