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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
You should probably look for a different type of jackstand. If you are using a traditional jackstand that is designed to fit under a traditional live axle (like on a Pickup truck) then you are using the wrong type of stand. Find a stand with a wide flat face and you shouldn't have a problem.

The plastic lifting points on the chassis are really designed for use with an automotive lift. I've lifted my car probably 60 or so times by now with my lift and I've yet to damage the plastic lifting points. If you use a floor jack on the lift points and it does not properly roll underneath the car as you lift it (which is why floor jacks have wheels BTW) and it is pulling on the lift point then you can damage the plastic. You should be jacking the car from the rear and front center jack points (look in the DIY section for how to properly lift the E9X chassis) and just setting the car down on jackstands located at each lifting point.
I have two jacks.

These are the jacks I have.

This one is from Costco

This one is from Princess Auto

I have 4 jack stands.

One look like these but are yellow

Another from Motomaster, Canadian Tire brand

Are you guys using different jack stands with the flat bottoms? Like these?

These would be better but they are pretty expensive at $60 a pair.

I also have the BMS jack pad I use on to jack the car up from the side and then I slip my other jack to get the the central jacking point and put jack stands under.