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Originally Posted by SanquintinB View Post

Does the car satisfy in the "fun to drive" category? Thanks in advance.
Probably not as much fun as a motorcycle or a Caterham 7 -- but where could I put the "stuff" on trips to the Post Office or Grangier?

It's much more fun than E9x versions without the manual. I've driven more AT, non-ZSP service loaners than I can count, (including E91s and X1 wagons) -- and IMO the manual transmission and ZSP are the only things that make the headaches of BMW ownership worthwhile. I may even need to keep mine outside of warranty since BMW has dropped MT wagons/SUVs for the US market.

"Rich soccer moms" probably gravitate towards things like the Porsche Cayenne S. (AT only). Last I heard, BMW had only sold a few hundred MT wagons in the US annually, that's probably why they dropped that combination.
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