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Originally Posted by norsairius
Sorry if bringing up this week-old thread offends anyone, but I did some research that may bring some hope to those of us driving later-model 328s.

I've been doing some extensive searching and reading on this and came up with the following info.

First, this post (from this thread:
Originally Posted by accel View Post
I checked NA models and found these part numbers:
#11517546994 325i/330i 2004-2007;
#11517563183 325i/330i 2004-2007; 328i 2006-2009
#11517586925 325i/330i 2004-2007; 328i 2006-2012
So, sounds like there's 3 water pump models. Not sure if it's due to failures and if they addressed the issue.
I searched the last two part numbers listed on Google and found these pages:
Part #11517563183:
Part #11517586925:

If you take a look at the product application notes, for the older part number (ending in 3183), it looks like this part was used on cars up to 7/2008. I would guess that means cars built up until that point. The newer part number just lists a bunch of BMW models with non-turbo I6 engines. If you click through the "Waterpump-Thermostat" link in the product application section, it looks like you just get a list of supporting parts needed. You'll notice that a few water pumps are listed, but the same notes on the date are there when you click "More Details" (

I'm not sure if there's a good way to tell what model years exactly used which part# water pump and I couldn't find where accel got their information. Can anyone else shed light on this maybe?

So would this be any indication that 328s built after 7/2008 have the newest water pump part# installed? Feel free to tell me if I'm completely off base. My information sources may not necessarily be the best, but I'm just trying to think of any theories or ideas here that could help give some of us more peace of mind, especially since many of us use these cars as daily drivers and for the occasional long distance road trip.
Slight revision changes is the best guest. Thermostats were all aluminum housing before cars up to 08 I think. Now it looks like plastic or it is. But BMW does change p/n ever so often so we may never know what happened. Would be glad to know those info as well.