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Originally Posted by Th3xf4ctor
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Would be nice for them to release revision 2 of these maps in general...I'm having a problem with building boost....Right now just with the sports tune, sometimes the car when im barely on the throttle or when i hit it and turbo starts to spool, you hear it trying to build boost but having way to describe my problem is if you blow air and then inhale and repeat a few times...thats what the car does and it lurches when doing that. After a few seconds of that its fine. I finally decided to unistall the tune since it was worrying me. I have no vac leak or anything. Hopefully revision 2 will fix this. Also I need to take my car in because even with the stock tune now I have wastegate rattle. Sucks....

Just got a message from Cobb on their facebook page saying they have made some amazing breakthroughs and updates are coming very soon.
yeaaaaaaahhhhh 😎😎😎