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Free AIS Ship Tracking Info

I actually discovered you can view anywhere in the world (not just Europe like it defaults to) with the free AIS service...i just had to manually modify the web address to get the correct view.

Yeah it maybe an hour behind, but beats having to deal with signing up for the 2-week trial crap,etc.

Here are the steps:

1) Sign up for the FREE AIS tracking here (fill in BS info if you want, but the E-mail address needs to be valid):

2) Login here:

3) Once you are logged in, it will give a view of Europe, but no worries...just copy and paste any of the following links in your browser for the respective port you want to see (there are red squares to zoom in or view other areas):

New York Overview -

New York Harbor -

Staten Island, NY -

Baltimore -

NorthEast Coast USA -

Central America -

Panama Canal -

World Map -

i decided to make it a separate topic than include it in some of the lengthy, and sometime older, tracking threads.

Hope this helps!

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