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Walnut Blasting - Michigan - MAY 3-4, 2014

Turn In Concepts has offered to do a group event in the Metro Detroit area for walnut blasting on 135 and 335 vehicles. For those that are , please read this extremely thorough walnut shell blasting thread with pictures. If you have an N54, especially one with 50k+ miles, it's highly advised.

Turn In Concepts
Link: Turn In Concepts
Kent and Tony from TIC would make the trip up here with all necessary tools and do the service over a weekend. We start Saturday AM and finish Sunday. It takes approximately 2-ish hours per car with Kent breaking down bays for Tony to blast.

Tentative Date:
Saturday, May 3 & Sunday, May 4

FRENCHTOWN, MI at SP3333D's pole barn. Thanks for hosting Steve

Services Available & Pricing
Walnut Blasting: $300
OFHG Replacement: $75 (If done while Walnut Blasting)
OFHG Replacement without Walnut Blasting: $200 (N52/N54/N55)
Charge Pipe Install: $50 ($25 if done while walnut blasting)
OCC Install: $50
Coil Packs/Plugs Install: $40
Fender Rolling: $30 Per Corner
PCV Install: $25 (RB PCV's are available for an additional cost)

Notes, Next Steps, and Deposit
Everyone that has PM'd in their email address will receive a detailed message including location, times, and most importantly how to submit your deposit. We have 12 members confirmed being blasted so we reached the $300 price point!

Those that have made time requests due to work have been noted. Kent will be working on the schedule and then we will post back via email to everyone. It is imperative that you are ON TIME for your slot so it doesn't delay those behind you, thanks

As a special thank you to Steve for hosting, I'm requesting that people bring him a 6 pack of your favorite brew. He should have quite the variety when the weekend ends of beers to enjoy

If you are interested in attending and have not notified me, please PM me immediately!

-Brandon (Agent11br)
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