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Originally Posted by SharkBait View Post
I have the PPK stage 2 and a brand new Cobb sitting in a box waiting to go on the car so I haven't compare them yet. I am curious, do any of the people who say the PPK is more responsive down low have an MT? And for those with the AT, do you think the slower response of the Cobb is related to how it works with the AT gearbox?

Could it be a throttle mapping thing? Have you guys tried both throttle maps on Cobb compared to PPK? I have noticed the PPK throttle mapping feels pretty non-linear.

If the PPK is more responsive down low and has nothing to do with the gearbox, Cobb should blend the maps. Use the PPK timing, fuel, boost targets, AFR targets, etc. on lower left side of the map and then slowly raise the targets in the higher RPM/higher kPa cells to match Cobb's current maps. Then you would get the responsiveness of the PPK with the more aggressive power in the top end. Win win.
I have MT, and the ppk is definitely more responsive.