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Originally Posted by krhodes1 View Post
Absolutely fun to drive, and more than fast enough to get your license shredded. They are MUCH more fun without the awd crap. Get snow tires and save...

I am a contrarian on the sport package too. In my not particularly humble opinion, any handling gains from it are the result of the better tires it comes with. The firmer suspension just spoils the ride, and the staggered wheels just add understeer. Standard suspension with sticky, non-RFT tires is the way to go. The sport seats are nice if you fit in them, I don't. Thus I ordered my car without it.

The e91 is a really brilliant Swiss army knife of a car. It can do anything. Attack a mountain road like a sportscar? Check. Cruise the autobahn in serene comfort at 125mph? Check. Take you out to dinner in style? Check. Bring a fully assembled gas grille home from Lowe's? Check!
Regarding the suspension, I cannot agree. In my opinion, the ZSP suspension makes the car. While it's only an inch or so lower, the car feels much more confident (you get different shocks, spring, and sway bars). Also, the ZSP seats are worth $1,500 alone...

If I lived in New England, due to the crap roads, I'd consider skipping the ZSP.