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I just had some issues you guys may be able to help me with.

So today I got new spark plugs on my 2008 335i at BMW, and of course uninstalled the Cobb before I went in.

Afterwards I put the Cobb back on, aggressive stage 1 on 93. (I only have a K and N filter, rest of the car is stock)

So today was fairly hot and humid here, even at night around 80.

As soon as I installed it and drove away in D, partial throttle, I heard a whistle that was louder than I had heard before, even while having Cobb installed. It went away.

I did a few runs, and when the car was pretty hot, i.e over 250 degrees oil temp by a line, I noticed some strange things.

First, when going WOT through 3rd and 4th gear, generally from 60mph to 80mph or so, I got a really strange vibration from the back of the car. This would only happen while WOT and while the car was really warmed up and hot. After it cooled down a bit, it would not happen.

Is this normal? Is it the extra torque? Spark plugs are new so I'm not sure what could be happening. No codes at all came up with the reader. I could not duplicate this with just PPK. Seems like only Cobb made it happen.

And the car definitely sounded really heat soaked too, at this point.