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Originally Posted by IanS100 View Post
Try "Catalyst Temperature", that is listed & gives a readout so I'm guessing it's the DPF.

I went mad & got the ScanTool mx, bought it from the States much cheaper than over here but still expensive & still doesn't read the ECU using "Torque". Try BMWhat ( Android or iPhone) that certainly reads the ECU. It's about 30 for the full version but there's a lite version available to test compatibility, which I did today & it looks promising. It says it lists faults but I had all mine cleared at the weekend so I can't tell but I do know that Torque Pro didn't see any of them.
Hi, I am new here and found your post - thank you very much for that post!
Does this BMWhat app really find all the faults - also from the airbag? What exactly do I need to get this?
Many thanks