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Subframe replacement

Hello, All. . .
I'm just joining this blog, since the 2008 335i is a new addition for my stable. I'm selling the 2000 328i, at 185k miles, and its running fine now with the latest repair, new fuel pump!

Now, I've discovered at my first real undercarriage close look that I have a damaged subframe. Re-welded at several key places and broken again in at least one spot. I knew the car had been considered "reconditioned" in North Carolina, but I realize now that the seller didn't disclose all the damage, especially the part he had not chosen to fix!
My only bright spot is that by purchasing the part from ECS Tuning, I can have a local body shop put the car on his frame machine, in case the frame is bent. Otherwise, the shop has offered to install the subframe for $350 plus any frame reshaping, which should be minimal. I just can't do it in my garage. Total cost? $1150 or so, including alignment. I'm hopeful. Then I can install the Eibach Stabilizer kit I already have in my garage -- the beginning of my basic mods.