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Originally Posted by 135Pats View Post
There's a big timing pull going on, and some significant cylinder corrections. Along with the boost leak. You need to back off the timing, get more octane, or you could have a hardware issue.

Edit: 91 oct. No good.
Thank you, I appreciate the feedback. I'm on ACN 91 so even worse than just 91. I don't notice any significant improvement in performance when adding 3 gallons of e85 but maybe my logs look better.

In terms of hardware what would cause a timing pull? I just added a DCI so I decreased any restriction on the intake side and I'm running DPs for the exhaust side. Plugs are only about 10k old.

From what I understand peak boost is similar between stage 1 and stage 2 but timing is the big difference. Its almost as if I should just run the stage 1+ map until I can figure all this out. I'll add some e85 and get some logs. I appreciate your help.