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Originally Posted by roundle View Post
Regarding the suspension, I cannot agree. In my opinion, the ZSP suspension makes the car. While it's only an inch or so lower, the car feels much more confident (you get different shocks, spring, and sway bars). Also, the ZSP seats are worth $1,500 alone...

If I lived in New England, due to the crap roads, I'd consider skipping the ZSP.
The E36 & E46 I had both had sport package, and had no issues with the (sometimes) crappy roads in the Bay Area. I always found them to be compliant but at the same times sporty.

You could duplicate (or go beyond) the sport suspension with aftermarket solutions, but for me, there's no substitute for those seats. I love them. It is true that you've got to me on the thin side, and the ladies don't like them usually.