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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
Just make sure the HVAC system is off when you turn off the car before you remove the old pump and use the same key to drive the car to get filled. I'd also get a new drier considering the mileage.
Thanks, I was able to get a mobile mechanic to come to my house and purge the system so I can swap everything out. I am going to do the drier and because I am going to be in the neighborhood already and I have dodged the water pump bullet I am going to go ahead and and do the WP and thermostat, as well as the temp sensor because I have read that the o ring tends to dry out and create a leak. I plan on keeping the car for the foreseeable future and pass it on to my daughter for her first car since it has pretty much fully depreciated with all of those miles on it. I am disappointed to have the clutch fail and have to replace the entire compressor when the compressor is perfectly good but it is what it is. By the way I got two 1500 quotes from independent shops and then a $2200 quote from my dealer.