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Originally Posted by Ali-323i View Post
You're right, it can get pricey, especially after factoring in the price of equipment and labour. Not to mention that after you do add your amp, you'll likely still want to upgrade your speakers too for better sound quality.
Unfortunately this is just the way it is for us with base audio.

There have been people who have successfully upgraded their stereo using the DIY guides here, and have posted their success. It will take some time though.

Where are you located? If in the GTA I can recommend a good shop that did my stereo install and had reasonable rates and great quality work.
Thanks for the response. Im located in London Ontario. The one audio place here didnt even really want to do anything for me because it's a BMW and the other place I was told does BMW audio wanted 2700$ to do a total audio replacement.

Im at the point where Ill drive up to toronto for a day if it means getting something really nice done audio wise for a reasonable price.