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Originally Posted by modz View Post
Hi to everyone! Just want to share you my experience dealing with James of Creative Autoworks. He was really rude on the phone with me coz i was calling him almost everyday since i ordered my britalman intake for a right reason.

Below is a letter i sent to James to explain my side.

"Hi James,

About our conversasion this morning, I know you are a very busy man. The reason I were calling you almost everyday is not because I want to annoy or disturb you from your business, it's just that when you told me you are to ship the item same day when i paid for it, I expected that. But I know you might be busy with lots of things so I didn't mind if you ship it when you have time. So I just requested for a tracking number, however the tracking number you emailed me was wrong based from Fedex, that is the reason I called back this morning.

I was really disappointed by the way you talked to me as a customer, I really believed that when somebody just bought a $500.00+ item, he would like to know all the correct details for his security.

I was willing to buy this Britalman intake from you because, my E90post member were giving you good feedback for your service. But I guess I am one of those who are the unlucky one.

I hope you can understand my situation.

p.s. Still waiting for the correct fedex tracking number

sincerely yours,
Kenrick Ting
(also known as Modz in"

Guys did i do anything wrong to piss him off?
Comments or suggestion

I am still waiting for his email regarding my tracking number

How unfortunate and ironic to have come across this post AFTER I was victimized by the crap service at creative autoworks,

Nothing has changed at creative autoworks, ...the service and workmanship are both so sub standard that I would caution anybody from having work done there.

Specifically, the customer service I received by james is probably the worst I haver ever received in any industry, ....and that includes fast food!!

.....the workmanship I received at creative autoworks was also crap, they lied about their familarity with my car, ...and were unable to complete the job properly.

BEWARE of creative autoworks