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Originally Posted by AndyR83 View Post
Last night my service engine soon light came on while driving home. My car has been FBO for about 9 months, with no new or recently changed performance mods since that time. Performance feels normal to me (no limp mode.)

Codes I read off of my JB4:
Just those two digits. When I set the JB4 to read codes it goes to 3, then 0, then the turn signals blink twice. I'm guessing this may not even be a code, just something related to theJB4. Sorry, no USB cable (yes, I know, I am bad and I should feel bad.)

This appears to be because of the "golf tee mod" which was done over a year ago. Probably not new.


These both seem exhaust related according to my searches. I have catless dp's but I've had them installed since last August and have never seen these codes before today.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance. I have searched on this topic, but none of the situations I encountered seem to match my own (spontaneous SES light with no new mods recently)
My car did exactly the same thing for a week then wham, engine fan on super extra high..Water pump failure.. Car wouldn't leave a code prior just occasionaly flash SES SES then go clear..