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Originally Posted by K3N R3D View Post
I haven't heard of any company taking out the top speed limiter for the 335i to date.
It's programed in the procede from Bahurst, it is possible to do, digital input 3 digital out 3. Also RD Sport offers it on the Black Box.

Yall can keep debating over how fast my car is if yall want to, but this is just funny, I did say "about 170" in my first post, just based on rate of acceleration, what it felt like, and already hitting the wall all cars run into at about 150.

Im sorry I havent had time to take the car to the dragstrip, I tried to dyno it again friday just to put them up on the boards, but the place I normally go to had too full of a garage and were actually using their dyno as a lift at the time.