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it seems that torque pro is able to read major engine failures but BMWhat can read minor incidents too. I once had the free BMWhat and I was ready to buy it but after an update it stopped responding. I contacted with the developer with no success since i never got a response. after several weeks they released an update again and answered my initial question with a question "do u have the last update? " .the update they were reffering had been released same day with their message. I tried again with the new update with no success so I decided to leave it since if you don't have support you can't get anything. Imagine that I was just about to buy it (same day they released the "catastrophic" update for me making the app no responding) but thankfully i didn't proceed and now I am not convinced in paying 30pounds for no reason.
i might give it a forth try in some months time
F30 mineral grey N47T