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Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
I posted this thread over on M5board since we have an active community in Dallas.

One of the members there, Darren Dallas, knows you and your tuner and would like to have a run with you (in a safe closed course of course).

See this thread:

I guess this is an opportunity to you to show all the doubters on this thread. He will contact you through your tuner. Better yet, please go post on the thread on the M5board. I will ask Darren to monitor / post on this thread....
LOL my ban was just lifted over there.. Some toolbag posted this

"I can not believe I read this entire thread. What a bunch of bullsh*t. The inconsistencies are so outrageous. He also needs to learn how to spell, I mean we all goof once in a while but damn. This guy needs to really run an M5 an get spanked. You guys out there in Dallas take care of business. This guy is just spouting off. So he has a fast car but not to out run an M5 as he says. It probably was stock but a friend ran a 335 with a Maxima 3.5 with headers and exhaust and he demolished it."

Talk about the most retarded post I've ever seen, that thread is going to be shot down faster than mine and I posted vids to back it up!!!