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Originally Posted by K3N R3D View Post
3 parts of his post I have issues with.

The only way you can test crank HP is to pull the engine out and then test it. And no way in hell is it WHP, cause if it was, he would have totally smoked the M5.

"Once we hit about 160, the M5's sweet spot, he began too pull slowly, and we shut it off at about 170 with an extra 1/4 car length between us."
I haven't heard of any company taking out the top speed limiter for the 335i to date.

I might be wrong on the latter, but that leads me to my third issue. With a speedometer only going to 160, how does he know how fast he is going after that? He cant!

Here's the thing, its not inconceivable that his car is fast. But those are some serious inconsistencies in his post that I mention above.
I got a fourth issue: unless you have been too a lot of race school, not just some weekend M-school, there is no way you know what they fuck to do with a car at 150, let alone 170. Sure, many of us have gone north of 100 with our cars, but if "some bitch cut you off" that means you were doing this on a road with other cars, that you cannot predict when they might do "something stupid" and pull in front of you because they get nervous you coming up on them fast and they are trying to get out of the way, while you are switching lanes at the same time and you plow into them at 100.