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Originally Posted by mthoops33 View Post
Hi guys!
I currently still have my stock 16's on and never got a set of wheels yet so I'm somewhat new to the wheel game.
But, I've been looking for wheels forever and now a friend is willing to sell his set of EC-7s (one of my favorite wheels) from his E46 m3 for a good deal.

I've been looking around the forums for answers on the setup and so far I've seen mixed comments, and nothing exactly answering my question.

The setup is:

18x9.5 Front ET 35
18x10.5 Rear ET 27

Hankook Tires 225/255

Will this fit a Pre-LCI E90?

I know it's probably been done and all but I'm not trying to have one of those cars with problems and rubbing and issues just to have that "aggressive" look. I'd honestly prefer the problem-free 8.5/9.5 ET 35 setup, but this is a great deal so that's why I'm considering it.
(I also have H&R Sport springs to be installed as well)

& Of course I've been trying to stay away from rubbing and fender rolling but will I have to?

Thanks guys!
Yes it will fit.

You will have 2mm inner clearance at your front shocks with 18x9.5 et35. If you ever going to change to coilovers, then spacers is needed, because those are thicker.

You can use 235/40/18 tyre at front and even add 5mm spacer. It still won't rub.

I know that, because i have that exact setup. 18x9.5 et35+5mm spacer with 235/40/18 hankook ventus and HR sport springs.

This is the same setup without 5mm spacers.

Front will work also with 225/40/18.

Your rear would stick out 8mm more compared to my rear setup. Its close call it might rub slightly, if you don't get your rear fenders rolled.

My rear setup is 18x9.5 et22 with 235/40/18. I did try it with 10mm spacer (final Et12) and it only rubbed, when hitting bigger bumps etc. Fender roll would solve that. 9.5 et12 will extend 2mm more than 10.5 et27.

I really suggest that you buy that setup, it will look pretty good and 100 times better, than the basic 8.5/9.5 et35. Fender roll isn't a big deal.

I wanted more aggressive wheel setup ,so i ordered new wheels. These will be installed next week.

18x9.5 et22 with 225/40/18 front
18x10.5 et15 with 255/35/18 rear

Also will be changing to coilovers at the same time.