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Oh, and as far as an M5 not being some "magical car" top gear and so many others have stated, they don't know why, but the Ms are faster than anyone thinks. Its why Artz 330 says he is stunned when his Mcoupe still smokes his 335i that has procede on it. Its not about the numbers, someway, somehow those Ms, especially the newer ones not only produce power but find a way between the transmission and all the other componenets to make the most of that power and get that car moving. I never was a huge believer in M being "faster" than other cars as far as drag racing, but the more i see of them and read on them, the more I realize, they just continue to amaze me beyond their numbers. I have learned not to doubt them and to learn to realize they are REALLY that much better than anthing other than something with the word Porche or Ferrari in their name.