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Originally Posted by yomny View Post
Hello guys. I've done my share of HPDE events but never in a 3 series. I ran my e92 M3 a while back and it was a dream. I'm worried about the temps and the 3 series on the track. I own a '13 335IS and while they're supposed to be a bit better at dealing with temps, a few hard runs around my neighborhood gets my temps up to 260 quickly. What are the normal temps for track use, any advice. I'm starting stock, should i look into replacing brake fluid? Thanks
With these cars, 240-260 is normal for track driving. Oil temps sometimes crept up to 280 on hot days, but didn't give me any limp modes, though there's gotta be some adverse effects for running overheated oil in terms of wear and tear. If your oil went up to 260 w/ only a few hard runs, chances are you'll go higher than that at the track. See what happens.

Brake fluid - I'd say if you're novice, then maybe no, but if you're past that level, then get DOT4 fluids minimum.