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Trying to install 330i SSK lever into my '11 335i xdrive

Hey all,

I did some research and found the DIY thread where folks were able to swap in the shifter from a 330i SSK without getting under the car. I went ahead and ordered the shifter from Tischer and tried to install last night. I ran into a problem though. Once I get the bushing rotated and loose I can't pull up on the old shifter enough to get the bushing out of the cup. Without this I can't get to the circlip on the bottom of the shifter and I am toast. Has anyone ran into this issue and can provide insight? For giggles I did put the car up on ramps and took a look underneath but there is no way in hell I can get to it from down there without major disassembly.

Take a look at the last two post in this link:

I have posted some photos there.

Please help!!! I really want to get this installed.