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Originally Posted by Tsuyoi View Post
Please tell me you aren't considering "Top Gear America" as "the" Top Gear.

Top Gear UK, the original, has very little in terms of "drifting". If you've been only watching America version and are judging top gear based on that, please please go watch the original.
I think you are mistaken or a few series behind because in EVERY car test, even if it's a FWD hatch such as the recent episode with a Peugeot 208 GTi, you had Richard Hammond yanking the handbrake and trying to make it look as if the car can drift/is any fun at all. I'm personally tired of all the smoking tyres and dramatics, it's how they base their reviews..."can the car power slide or smoke the tyres? Yup, ok, this car is good and you must buy it". Since when did how well you can power slide a car on a race track become vital criteria and a benchmark to a car's handling?

It's an entertainment show, nothing more, no serious reviews, no real world tests, all it contains is drifting, burnouts and occassional drags which was fun to begin with but is now rather monotonous.

By the way, I've been to watch this show 'live' and let's just say the editing is massive. Jeremy makes a joke and if enough people don't laugh they actually make you all pretend to laugh during a retake. This happens over until they are pleased with the laughter and you stand there in a hot hanger all day for as long as it takes. NEVER go and see this show 'live' if you still like it, totally shatters it.